Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Something that is often discussed with regard to Scientology is the money that one is required to pay if one wants to become a higher-level Scientologist. The specific amounts, however, are far more jarring. According to the 2006 FLAG processing price list, the base cost to progress from OT VII to OT VIII is $24,000. To progress from being a newly registered Scientologist to OT VIII costs a minimum of $365,000.

One inevitably becomes curious as to what kind of material one receives in exchange for such a large amount of money. This is an excerpt I have chosen from the OT VIII documents themselves. The OT VIII documents contain the promise of being able to leave your own body and visit others, as well as the ability to heal yourself of illnesses using only your mind. In this excerpt, L. Ron Hubbard expresses his concern for a problem of universal gravity. Keep in mind that many people have payed tens of thousands of dollars just to read these words.

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Sandman said...

Sounds like this whole thing puts a price on the ability to use your imagination. I could concentrate and imagine wonderous things, have wonderful experiences, fantastic dreams in far away worlds, and It could all be REAL... No one would believe me of course, but that matters not. Anything a person does in their own mind suffers lack of proof, but as long as its real to the believer, the imaginer, then does proof matter? to me, no.