Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crowley and Hubbard

One aspect of L. Ron Hubbard's life that Scientologists prefer not to discuss is his relationship in the mid-1940's with British occultist and heroin-addict Aleister Crowley. Mr. Crowley was a groundbreaking, if disturbed, artist and thinker who recorded many of his drug-induced experiences in his book The Diary of a Drug Fiend. Hubbard lived under Crowley's guidance for a time, practicing the dark arts with his good friend, Dr. Jack Parsons. The excerpt below is from a ritual performed by Jack Parsons with the assistance of L. Ron Hubbard in January of 1946 called the "Magic Masturbation":

On every occasion before sleep let the Adept figure his goddess before him, wooing her ardently in imagination and exalting himself with all intensity toward her.

Therefore, with or without an assistant, let him purge himself freely and fully, at the end of restraint trained and ordered unto exhaustion, concentrating ever ardently upon the Body of the Great Goddess, and let the Offering be preserved in Her consecrated temple or in a talisman especially prepared for this practice. And let no desire for any other enter the heart. Then shall it be in the end that the Great Goddess will descend and clothe Her beauty in veils of flesh, surrendering her chaste fortress of Olympus to that assault of thee, O Titan, Son of Earth!

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