Friday, June 27, 2008

Member Tracking

The CoS is notorious for asking its members to undergo intense interviews (Auditing sessions) for hours on end in order to rid the members' head of "engrams", traces of pain or suffering from a prior trauma or incident that occurred in their life. The real purpose of the sessions, as you will see, is to gain as much detailed information about the member as possible. The system is flawless because the auditors (minimally paid members of Scientology) believe wholeheartedly in what they are doing, and the people being audited truly trust that the sessions will eventually clear them of all pain and suffering. Therefore, the process is allowed to work by itself, the members fueling the members.

In this document, however, we see what the CoS is really looking for from these auditing sessions. One would think that there would be progress reports of some kind, detailing the positive or negative advancement of the member's career as a Scientologist through auditing. But in this document, which was confiscated by the FBI in a raid on the Church of Scientology's main offices in 1977, we see the real information that the Church keeps in their files.

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