Sunday, June 29, 2008

Psych Vendetta

It has been long known that Scientologists, and more specifically L. Ron Hubbard, have an intense disgust and rejection of psychiatry and all that it stands for. The reason they give for this is that the mind should be able to heal everything, but my personal belief is that psychiatry is one of the only fields producing tangible results for human health and well-being that Scientology generally does not.

Whether their stance on psychiatry is genuine or inauthentic, the way the CoS tries to exploit this field of medicine is immoral and wrong. I will once again allow this document, written by L. Ron Hubbard, to speak for itself.


Taylor said...

This is Taylor. Maybe its because I was raised Scientologist, with the belief system being that psychiatry is bad... but, i really do believe that it is bad. There is nothing wrong with therapy and working out mental problems... but I do think that psychiatric drugs are harmful and detrimental to mental awareness (as any other drug is.) I think there are a lot of things that are wrong with scientology, but definitely no moreso than christianity. Scientology says psychiatry is bad; Christianity says homosexuality is bad. Not that there is a clear parallel, but all religions have their own personal goals in mind and use scare tactics to manipulate the public into believing them. The fact that Scientology does the same should come as no surprise. AND the religion part of scientology, i.e.- the part that tells us where we come from, what we exist as apart from the body, is no more far fetched than the basis of Christianity or ANY religion.

So.. I guess what I am trying to say is: knock Scientology, because it deserves to be knocked... but most, if not all, religions deserve the same.

Anonymous said...
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"Wog" said...


I do agree to some extent with your opinion on prescription medication, but I disagree with your claim that there is nothing more wrong with Scientology than there is with Christianity.

If you were making this claim during the reign of the many corrupt kings that manipulated the religion to suit their kingship, you would be absolutely right. If you were making this claim when millions of people were being murdered in the name of God almighty, I would agree with you completely.

The significant difference here is that modern Christianity, when practiced correctly, presents us with what is basically American morality. Be good, be kind, love your brother, etc.. Scientology, however, is not designed in the same way, nor is it meant to operate in the same way. The more research I do, the more my eyes are opened to how carefully constructed Scientology is around comforting and reassuring its members that they will soon be Clear, or they will soon be OT III, or they will soon be telepathic.

This would be fine if it were true. The simple fact that one has to pay thousands of dollars just to read certain texts screams business to me, Taylor. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars to read the Bible. In fact, it's entirely free. Sure, the Church has political ties and a few priests touch children in places they'd rather not be touched, but here we're talking about human flaws in what is a religion generally aimed towards the common good.

Scientology, on the other hand, when observed from the outside, may appear to be benevolent but is clearly set up to entrench the member in its world and never let go. The concept of a "Potential Trouble Source" or the high-pressure tactics that members of Scientology use against other members to prevent them from speaking to anyone who questions the religion; these ideas begin to come together and form a portrait of an organization that is literally built like a hierarchical cage.

I agree with most of what you've said, Taylor, but I can't let my impassioned feelings about Scientology go unspoken.